Generation Z will never understand the hype

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When I was 13, print magazines gave me some of my favorite things: personality quizzes (“Which Lizzie McGuire character are you?”), Titanic-era Leonardo DiCaprio posters to hang on my bedroom walls and Valentine’s Day skincare routines that I'd follow religiously, despite neither having the required products nor the required boyfriend.

But most importantly, tucked inside plastic sleeves, magazines often gave away free tubes of hair mascara, much to my (and my friends’) delight. In the late 90s and early aughts, hair mascara was as ubiquitous as flared blue jeans. …

A dazzling French TV series with global appeal

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If you watched Emily in Paris, wishing it featured less of Emily and more of Paris, you’re in luck: Call My Agent!, (or Dix Pour Cent, en français) is now streaming on Netflix. If the prospect of watching a French TV series with zero clichés about French people isn’t enough to convince you, here are five more reasons to binge-watch all four seasons of this hit comedy-drama:

1. It tells the story of a dysfunctional French talent agency

All four seasons of Call My Agent! revolve around a small group of talent agents who work at Agence Samuel Kerr (ASK), an elite agency…

A climate-conscious librarian grapples with existential despair

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“What it means to be a good person, a moral person, is calculated differently in times of crisis than in ordinary circumstances,” explains Sylvia, the host of Hell and High Water, a fictional podcast from Jenny Offill’s latest novel, Weather. As a well-known figure in the climate change space, Sylvia receives many emails from listeners who are either “crazy or depressed.” …

Online consignment store thredUP is setting a new standard in green growth — even during Covid-19.

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As businesses scramble for ways to increase profits while reducing their environmental impact, few thought plastic could help bridge the gap. Yet, it’s a (recyclable) poly mailer that lies behind the success of thredUP, the world’s largest thrift store and a beacon of sustainable fashion.

The Oakland-based startup that collects unwanted clothes via polka-dot plastic bags and resells them online is going places. …

Social media marketers should steer clear of the troublesome practices that feature in Netflix’s latest hit show

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(Spoilers ahead!)

Netflix’s new series, “Emily in Paris,” is causing quite a stir, despite its innocuous premise. In a nutshell: Emily from Chicago (played by Lily Collins) jets off to Paris and takes up a social media role in a French advertising agency. In her free time, Emily befriends a champagne heiress, has lunch in chic cafes, and gets hit on by every guy she comes across.

Besides the “Sex and The City” inspired outfits and Pinterest-worthy scenes of Paris, what’s caught the…

Style lessons from people who look good for a living

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Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear? Is fashion taking up a big chunk of your hard-earned cash, yet you don’t own many things you actually like?

According to the Wall Street Journal, the average person wears just 20% of their clothes regularly. As the typical American woman has around 103 items in her closet, that’s a lot of clothes accumulating dust on hanging racks. …

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